Our Hostel


Narh-Bita College has a Hostel facility located at Tema community 11 opposite Flexi space limited.

The hostel is a 25 minute walk and 5 minute drive from the College.

It is spacious and located in a generally safe and quite area conducive for effective studies.

The rooms accommodate a total of 4 or 6 students respectively. They are all neatly fitted with wardrobes and bunk beds.

There is good water supply to the area and however when there are interruptions with national water supply, water is obtained from the 2 poly tanks in the hostel to aid in constant flow of water. Water Bills are not included in student’s fees. These are subsided by management of the College.

Security wise, the area is generally safe and all the hostel students have access to the main gate.

The manager is friendly and visits the site frequently to check on students and their welfare.