Payment Information – Ghanaian Students

Payment of fees is integral to the registration process. Students must, at least pay the minimum required, fees before they will be allowed to undertake the Academic registration.

A.     Students must take note of the following when making payments: 

  1. Only pay fees at Narh-Bita College APPROVED BANKS (listed below).
  2. All deposits at the bank should be made with a CASH DEPOSIT SLIP.
  3. All deposits at the bank should be made with CASH ONLY.
  4. Ensure the account name is that of Narh-Bita College
  5. Keep Payments by CHEQUE or CASH (NO PERSONAL CHEQUES) can be made at the College Accounts Office ONLY.

 Student fees can be paid using any of the following mediums: 

  1. At the bank
  2. Online using MTN Mobile Money
  3. Cheques (payable only at Narh-Bita Accounts Office)

The approved banks for fees collection

United Bank of Africa

Account number: 01905324102503

Account name: Narh-Bita College LTD


Account number: 1441002135706

Account name: Narh-Bita College LTD


Account Number: 0245608436

Account name: Narh-Bita College/ Isaac Lartey Narh

Steps for Online Registration


  1. You must pay the required minimum fee before you can register. The required minimum for an academic year is 50% of the academic fee, details of which can be found in the schedule for fees.
  2. You will need your Student ID Number and PIN for Online Registration. If you do not have them, please visit the college administration.