The Narh-Bita College Library began operating in 2004. It started with an in-depth collection of both print and electronic materials covering all courses run by the college, and it has consistently maintained and improved on the collection to reflect the changing information needs of its users.

Some of the major services of the library are referencing, lending, literature searching, orientation, photo-copying service, and other related services to the Narh-Bita community.

Primarily, the library is to support teaching, learning and research activities of the College. Currently, the library stocks about 1123 volumes of Mono-graphic literature works covering all academic programmes of the college. Also, the library maintains a collection of e-resources comprising relevant databases and e-books for its users.

Apart from the main library located at the main campus of the college, there is also the Adom Campus library which is located at Community Five in the Tema Metropolis.

The library is run by a professional Librarian and a supporting staff.

All members who qualify to use the library must first complete a registration form.


Mission and vision of the Narh-Bita College Library

Mission: Ensuring a healthy collaboration with faculty to advance teaching, learning, and research by providing excellent global library and information resources and services with greater emphasis on its effective exploitation and use.

Vision: To provide support services for the training of excellent professionals whose decisions making in their areas of specialties is based on informed positions. In this regard, the mission and vision statements of the library are to be achieved through the following objectives:

  • Build and maintain comprehensive as well as quality information resources both print and electronic and providing pathways to resources;
  • Develop and improve information delivery services that are timely, accurate and quick to user information needs;
  • Provide learning opportunities and resources to assist users in developing efficient and effective skills in organizing, assessing, and evaluating, ultimately becoming independent lifelong learners (LLLs);
  • Provide well trained and motivated staff who work as a team.
  • Develop and maintain information systems and technology that meet present and future requirements of users.



The library is opened to all registered students of the college. The following are also allowed to use the library:

  • The academic and administrative staff of the college.
  • Management and Members of Council of Narh-Bita College.
  • The hospital staff.
  • Other visitors and researchers granted permission by the President.


Opening Hours

The Narh-Bita library opens from

Monday to Friday – 8:00am – 4:30:00pm

Saturday 9:30am – 4:30pm

  • Absolute silence should be maintained at all times within the precincts of the library.
  • Eating in the library is not allowed. Toffees, fruits, candies, water and other forms of liquids are not allowed in the library
  • Bags, coats and hats are not allowed in the library
  • Users’ bringing their own books must be granted permission before they are brought into the library
  • Library chairs should not be taken out of the library and must not be dragged around in the library
  • Telephone calls are not allowed in the library; mobile phones should be put on ‘silent’
  • Books consulted or used should be left on the reading tables
  • Stealing in the library is prohibited. Stealing attracts severe punishment / penalty
  • All books must be handled with care. / Defacing of books is not allowed
  • Return books borrowed on or before the date due; failure to do so attracts a penalty or fine

Staff Assistance / Library Instruction                                                                                
The library staff is always ready and available to help patrons;

  • find books, articles and relevant materials
  • use databases and internet effectively
  • evaluate information
  • cite and make reference of any retrieved information to avoid plagiarism
  • choose and develop a research topic

Literature Search / Literature Exploration                                                                      
This is a well-crafted service to help Narh-Bita students and other users of Narh-Bita library who are undertaking research projects. Patrons of the library who have difficulties or do not have the time to search for relevant articles for their research work can submit their research topics to the librarian, who will undertake a thorough literature search on their behalf.

The library offers photocopying services to its patrons. Students are always reminded of the laws regarding copyright and reproduction laws of information resources to ensure they do not go against them.


The library provides access to a host of online databases for users. The following are selected few online databases accessible through the library network.

Cataloguing and Classification
Lending of Library Materials
Short Loan Materials
Library Orientation

Cataloguing and classification constitute one of the important services  in libraries. Since library resources are varied and of multiple purposes, there is the need to provide rapid and easier access to these resources so that users do not spend productive searching for information. Therefore, the resources must be properly described. This description is achieved through a wide range of resource discovery mechanism. The library resources are classified using a hybrid of the National Library of Medicine and The Library of Congress (LC) classification schemes

The library lends materials to its patrons after satisfying that they are duly registered and qualified to use the library. Students must present their library identity cards to the front desk staff before they can use or borrow books from the library. Teaching staff and others are expected to fill out a register before borrowing any library books. For more information on borrowing books, refer to the library guide.

Materials that are in high demand and susceptible to being stolen are housed separated from the main collection. These materials can be borrowed for use in the library and must be returned immediately after use. These materials include; previous research work by past students, patient family care plan, and certain library books.

The library may reserve an item that has been borrowed from the library for a particular patron upon request. This means that such an item is urgently needed by the patron. When this happens, the borrower would not be allowed to renew the item requested. The patron requesting the item is then informed of the availability of the item and he/she is then given two days to collect the item, otherwise the item is returned to the shelves.

Orientation is one of the essential services rendered by the library. New users are introduced to the range of available resources of the library and the appropriate tools required to locate needed resources. They are also appraised with the practices, working procedures and how to approach the library staff for assistance. Orientation ensures students and other users make judicious use of the library

Department Contact Info


P.O. Box CO 1061

Tema Community 4- Ghana.

(+233) 0599431849

(+233) 0245608436

Mon – Fri

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